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Quealy & Co Estate Agents, based in Sittinbourne, bring you the very latest news and information regarding house prices and the property market. Recently, we discovered that homes sold with an EPC rating A or B over the past year achieved a 10% price premium over properties with an EPC energy efficient rating of D.

One in every 12 properties sold achieved an energy efficiency rating of A or B on its EPC. However, 47% of properties sold only had a D rating.

Just 6% of re-sale properties sold achieved the A or B rating, however over 60% of re-sale properties have the potential, with improvements, to hit that higher energy efficiency grade.

As autumn and winter approaches and the conversation in many households turns to extra layers versus cranking up the thermostat.

The team at Quealy & Co Estate Agents share some top tips on how you can increase your energy efficiency rating in your Kent home. It will not only increase your home’s value but ensure you are toasty for winter while feeling good about doing your bit for the environment!  

How can you increase your property’s EPC rating?

Making your home more energy efficient won't just make it a warmer, more comfortable place to live, it can also improve its value. Here are some of the ways you can improve your score:

  • Double glazing. Upgrading your windows and doors won't just improve your home's energy performance, it can reduce noise too
  • Loft insulation. It's easy to install, inexpensive and can make a huge difference to your bills. Install loft insulation that's at least 270mm thick
  • Wall insulation. Whether your home has cavity or solid walls, insulating them can improve your EPC rating and you might qualify for help with the costs
  • Replace your boiler. You can cut your energy bills with a new, energy-efficient boiler. For more details on how, visit our boiler replacement page
  • An efficient secondary heating source. Installing a wood-burning stove instead of an open fireplace can give you greater fuel efficiency and reduced costs in the long run.

Have you made improvements to your home?

Perhaps you have already worked hard to make your home more energy efficient. It’s worth getting an up-to-date property valuation to see how these improvements have boosted the value of your home in Kent.

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Source: Dataloft, Land Registry, MHCLG


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