Quealy & Co are able to consider with clients the most appropriate method of sale, whether that is for sale private treaty, by auction or by tender. If auction is considered to be the most appropriate then clients can be sure that our platform will enable maximum exposure through or marketing channels together with a secure platform to give our clients the certainty that a sale will go through.

Our method ensures that you secure the optimal price for your property, engaging motivated buyers who participate in a competitive bidding process. The results often exceed expectations, and once the auction concludes, our Reservation Deposit and Exclusivity Agreement streamline the process, eliminating the delays and renegotiations often encountered in private treaty sales.

Upon the conclusion of the online auction, the successful bidder commits to a Reservation Deposit for the Exclusivity Agreement. This deposit affords them the necessary time to arrange mortgage financing and conduct any essential property surveys required to proceed with the contract exchange and final purchase.

In anticipation of the auction, we collaborate with your solicitor to prepare a comprehensive legal pack, pre-empting any conveyancing delays typically associated with private treaty sales. While we typically recommend a 20-working-day Exclusivity Agreement period, we remain flexible to accommodate your specific needs.

It is important to note that the sale price is firmly established at the conclusion of the auction and remains non-negotiable. Should the winning bidder fail to complete the contract exchange within the exclusivity period or decide to withdraw from the purchase, they forfeit their Reservation Deposit. This, in turn, grants you the freedom to explore alternative offers from other bidders or reintroduce your property to the market for sale.


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