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Quealy & Co Estate Agents bring you the latest housing market trends to help you make an informed decision about selling or renting your property. The rate of house price growth is due to slow in 2022, but remain positive, ranging from 2% in London to 4.3% in the North West.

House price growth will be highest in Northern and Midlands regions, where affordability is less constrained, and it will be slowest in London where affordability and the need for much higher deposits becomes an issue.

A shortage of homes on the market and high levels of equity will be key drivers for house price growth in 2022.

Cost of living rises and the expectation that mortgage rates and taxes will increase in 2022 are likely to impact affordability, thus limiting house price growth.

However, this slowdown of house price growth was to be expected after over a year of rapidly increasing prices across the UK.  

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Source: Dataloft, Zoopla, Savills


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