If you own a home and are looking to sell your property with an estate agent, then autumn could well be the perfect time for you to sell up and move on.

Spring is often seen as the best time to sell, and that’s true for many reasons, but we at Quealy & Co Estate Agents in Sittingbourne also find that autumn proves to be a buoyant time in the property market.

If you were thinking of writing autumn off, stop. Think about it. Autumn could absolutely be the season for you to show your house off to a potential buyer. We look at some of the reasons why autumn is the golden opportunity to sell your home!

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1. Summer’s out and eager buyers return!
Once holidays and school breaks are over, people often think about it being the time to move. September and October see a surge in motivated buyers, ready to make decisions and buy a property. They then look at timescales and realise that they could just about be in their new home by Christmas, giving them time to settle in and get the new place ready for the festivities.

So, it makes perfect sense that autumn is the ideal time to put your house on the market.

2. Maximised kerb appeal and cosy home staging
The changing colours of the leaves and cool air make it a perfect time to prepare your home. Imagine someone coming into a cosy house, with autumn fragrances and colours. Imagine the warm thoughts they will have if you set your fire on low. Mild sunny days create the perfect backdrop for showcasing your property, making it extra inviting to potential buyers. 

You should see autumn as a season of opportunity, knowing that someone will fall in love with your property while it is at it’s cosiest.

3. Less stress and lower costs
Spring is the busiest period for the property market. This means that all the professional help you need, including conveyancers and removal companies, will be very busy. In summer, the market drops off, only to rise again in autumn, but not to the levels seen in spring. This means that you are more likely to get the removal company of your choice and on a date of your choice. Conveyancers and mortgage brokers are likely dealing with less customers, so are easier to get hold of.

There is some talk that removal businesses lower their prices in autumn. This may well be true, so it seems you could reduce your moving costs – and isn’t that a good thing when you have so much to think about and pay for.

4. Higher selling prices and serious buyers
With less properties on the market, motivated buyers keen to secure a home before Christmas are, in many cases, offering asking price or over for properties. We see autumn as the time we see the more serious potential buyers getting in touch.

When we speak with potential buyers, we always ascertain how serious they are about buying the property they wish to view. We can’t always promise to get it 100% correct, but we do have many years of experience and knowledge so we can get a good feeling for people.

5. Less competition and the ideal season to stand out
After the long summer break, there are fewer properties for sale. Some sellers are delaying selling until the new year or spring, but by listing your property now, you will enjoy less competition and increased visibility!

This is particularly true when you see how our exceptional property marketing will show off your home to its best advantage. We have a range of bespoke marketing packages to help your home stand out. 


We think it’s best to stand out from the crowd, and autumn is the ideal time to do it

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Find out how much your property is worth:  Instant online valuation

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