Getting a text or phone call from your tenant saying, ‘I’m going on holiday!’, can fill many landlords with a sense of dread.

Almost half of all UK burglaries happen when a property is empty. If your tenant is going on holiday, this summer, and particularly on a long trip, here are four ways to protect your property while it’s empty from the Quealy Lettings team.

Check the Locks

Of course, your tenants will know they need to lock the front door before they go on holiday. But since a worrying number of break-ins happen via an unlocked door, it’s a good idea to remind your tenants before they leave or even check yourself that the doors are locked.

Since it’s also common for a burglar to break in via an unlocked window, make sure your tenants have the keys for everything, including all windows, side gates and sheds. Ask them to lock everything that needs locking before they go on holiday and to let you know if a lock isn’t in a good condition.

Review Your Insurance

Having landlord insurance is a great way to protect yourself against many different rent-related issues, including break-ins. But some insurers won’t cover you if the property is empty for a long period (which is usually considered more than 14 days). Plus, some companies require you to notify them whenever your tenants go on holiday.

Make sure you check your policy before your tenants go on their trip and consider upgrading if you’re not insured for the duration they’re away.

Increase Security

A property with good security is well known for being more attractive to tenants. If you’re worried about break-ins, consider ramping up your security measures.

Outdoor security lights, visual burglar alarms and smart home cameras are all great deterrents that can help protect your property while your tenant is on holiday. They can sometimes even decrease your insurance premiums, which is a bonus!

Provide a Checklist

One of the best things you can do to help your tenants prepare for their trip is to provide them with a pre-holiday checklist. Include everything you need them to do before they leave, like locking all windows and notifying you of any faulty locks.

More often than not, your tenants will find a checklist of must-dos helpful. Plus, it can give you the peace of mind that everything’s been done.

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Protecting yourself as a landlord is always important, especially when your tenants go on holiday and the property is left empty.

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