november 2023 quealy christmas wreath on front door ai 1 Who doesn’t love the festive season? One of the best things about Christmas is getting to lug the decorations out of the loft and scatter joy around your home.

But when you’re selling your home, Christmas decorations need to be handled in the right way. The trick to decorating your home when it’s on the market is to keep things clean and simple. There’s nothing worse than scaring off a potential buyer with an overbearing amount of Christmas Santa’s in the hallway!

Without being a bah-humbug this year, here are six stylish Christmas decorating ideas for your home that won’t scare away your buyers!  

1. Wrap Up Ornaments

Instead of putting away the ornaments on your shelves, how about turning them into presents? Choose a simple colour scheme (like brown, silver, blue or gold) for your wrapping paper and replace your ornaments with beautifully wrapped presents.  

2. Add Eucalyptus Accents

Fake or real – eucalyptus adds a splash of nature to homes at Christmas. Add a few accents to your bathroom, dining room table or living room to create a fresh and stylish look. You can even add a few accents to your Christmas trees!  

3. Go Bold

Just because it’s Christmas, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional red, green and gold colour schemes! Be bold this year and do something different. Grey, blue and white, and even yellow colour schemes are popular choices for people selling their homes. Their neutral feel creates a bright yet festive atmosphere that looks fab and won’t deter buyers.  

4. Scatter Logs

Give your home a rustic feel this Christmas! If you have kiln-dried burning logs, pile them up at the bottom of your tree or near your fireplace. The simplicity of firewood can make your home look cosy and comfortable this Christmas and both you and potential buyers will appreciate it.  

5. Create a Festive Bar

Just because you’re selling at Christmas, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a drink or two! Create a space you and your guests love by reserving an area for festive drinks. If there’s a lonely cabinet in your living room or an area of your kitchen you don’t use often, add a few sprigs of holly, some festive glasses and a few coffee (or alcoholic) syrups to make your own DIY bar.  

6. Add Fresh Amaryllis

Fresh amaryllis is a growing trend! Chances are that your local supermarket packs the shelves with these luscious plants at Christmas time. If you want to create a stylish look in your home this year, choose a vibrant red or crisp white flower. They’ll look stunning throughout the festive season. Plus, they’ll prove to buyers that there’s enough natural light in your home to keep plants alive!  

Selling Up This Christmas?

If you’re thinking about selling your home this Christmas or in 2024, we’d love to talk to you. Did you know that marketing your property for sale over the festive season is beneficial?

In recent years, Rightmove’s busiest time for website visitors is always the period between Christmas and New Year. 

Get in touch to discuss marketing your home in time for the post-Christmas Rightmove rush. It is the ideal time to spruce up your home and let Quealy & Co help you prepare for the huge influx of buyers looking to move in 2024 who visit Rightmove between Christmas and new year.

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