So, you’ve got a property to rent in Kent. You’ve invested your savings, or you have perhaps inherited a house, and now you want to rent it out.

Of course, you want to attract and choose the right tenants – those who will look after it, pay the rent, and cause you little to worry about.

But how do you find the right tenants? Are there steps you could be taking to ensure that the tenancy is as easy as possible, leaving you to get on with your life?

In this article, our experience lettings team at Quealy & Co share their advice on how to secure the best tenant!

Who are the Best Tenants?

If you want to attract the best tenants, you have to first define what you mean by ‘best tenants’…

  • Do you want to ensure they look after the property to a high standard?
  • Is the rent being paid on time a top priority?
  • Do you want them to be able to get on with any little DIY tasks?
  • Is the best tenant for you a young professional?
  • A family?
  • Retirees?
  • Will a young professional be able to pay the rent easily?
  • Will a more mature tenant look after your house better?

On the other hand, all this speculation may be absolute nonsense! So, you must define who your best tenant might be, and follow our six tips to attract the best for your property.

1. Choose a Suitable Letting Agent

You must make sure you choose the right lettings agent. Whether you want your agent to find you a tenant, or if you task them with managing the property as well, it’s super important that your agent knows what sort of tenant you are looking for.

Do your homework. Talk to several lettings agents including us to find the right one for you. Ask around and consider recommendations.

2. Let your Agent Handle Viewings

Unless you are experienced, use your lettings agent to handle viewings. In our case, we have been in the industry for a long time and will get a gut feeling for the people who walk through the door. This, along with your brief always ensures we are ready to ‘vet’ prospective tenants.

Trust your agent. If they’re like us at Quealy & Co, they’ll know the type of tenant you want and will make sure any viewing requests fit with your brief.

3. Be a Property Matchmaker

If you’re looking for someone to live in your property who is as tidy and clean as you are, it makes sense to make sure your property is photographed in its neat and tidy state—even minimalist. You’re more likely to get the perfect tenant who will want to live that way, and they’ll know the standards you set right from the start. Make sure your rooms are dressed or staged appropriately when the photos are taken.

4. Develop a Shortlist

Weeding out prospective tenants you don’t want is made easier if you and your lettings agent ask a list of questions you’ve already prepared. Whether it is you asking or your agent, the answers will help you choose. Take time to think about the responses you need to hear and shape your questions accordingly.

5. What’s ‘Best’ Anyway?

If you have struggled for a while to find the right tenants, are you being too picky? After all, background checks and references must be conducted to ensure your tenant will be able to afford the rent. They will also sign a contract! You have rights as a landlord should things go awry. Talk to us about being a landlord and what it entails. We’ll help you define what makes a good tenant.

6. Don’t Skip the Background Checks

Viewings have been completed; you’ve got some potentials in mind as the right tenants. Bingo. But wait. Now is the time to get those all-important checks done. It’s so important to get this part right, even if you’re letting to a friend.

This is where a lettings agent can really assist you. A good lettings agent will carry out all the necessary checks for you and put forward the people they consider right for your property.

If you want some advice on letting your property, please get in touch. We’ll happily help you market your property, find a tenant, and complete all the necessary checks. We can manage your property going forward too. We want you to get it right, and that’s why we always do it right.

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