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Housing Secretary Michael Gove suggests that the government should reconsider the timeline for landlords to comply with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations. Gove believes that ministers are demanding too much too quickly, with a proposed deadline of 2028 for landlords to ensure their rented properties achieve a minimum EPC rating of C. Failing to meet this requirement could result in substantial fines.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Gove argues that the government should slow down its efforts to introduce energy efficient measures in housing, to avoid a potential backlash. Many landlords have expressed concerns about the high costs involved in meeting the EPC grade, and some have even threatened to sell their properties rather than invest thousands of pounds into improvements.

Gove emphasises the need for a more reasonable pace, taking into consideration the financial burden faced by landlords in the private rented sector. While he supports the goal of increasing energy efficiency, he believes that the current demands are too burdensome given the challenges landlords are already facing.

Ben Beadle, CEO at the NRLA, highlights the long delay in the government's response to energy efficiency standards for rented homes. He states that the proposed deadlines were unrealistic from the start and urges for a clear plan and fair financial support to facilitate improvements in the private rented sector.

The NRLA and Gove's remarks call for a more balanced approach that ensures energy efficiency goals are met while alleviating the financial strain on landlords. The lettings team at Quealy & Co will keep Kent landlords informed about any decisions made by UK Government concerning Energy Efficiency Compliance.

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