Who would have thought it? A recent survey revealed that men and women look for different things when choosing a new home!

If you’re selling a property in Kent, it's unlikely you will have thought about trying to attract one gender over another to view your home. After all, we’re living in the 21st century in an era of gender equality.

However, a recent survey revealed that men and women look for different things when choosing a new home, so it’s worth knowing a little more about what each sex is seeking and how you can present your property in the best light for all!

What Do Men Look For In Properties?

When men look for a new home, their top consideration is location, and how close the property is to their place of work. In fact, 35% of men involved in Santander Mortgage’s survey said that the distance between the property and their workplace was their top priority along with the availability of good transport links.

Other considerations high on the list for male buyers include:

  • Is an area considered to be “up and coming?"
  • Green spaces close by

The survey also revealed that, in general, men are more interested in the features of the property’s neighbourhood rather than the features of the property itself. Males do also focus on facts and figures regarding the property’s location and structure - including the floor space, garden size, and the number of bedrooms.

When it comes to choosing which home to buy, men have their own methodical approach too. They simply keep searching until they find one that has everything on their checklist rather than relying on their gut instincts.

Negotiating a price is also managed differently between men and women, with men being determined to stick to their guns and not compromise on the price they want to pay! Just over 5% of men will pay the asking price for a property, and only a fifth will offer under 90% of the property’s asking price.

What Do Women Look For In Properties?

Women are particularly interested in properties that give them plenty of indoor space. In fact, 31% of female survey respondents answered that space was a top priority for them alongside living in a location close to family members, being near good schools and having their own garden. Women also tend to focus on the features of a home.

Unlike men, women rely on gut instinct when choosing a property to purchase and are more interested in how a place feels rather than whether it ticks everything on a list.

When it comes to negotiation, women are more likely to offer the property’s asking price, with 17% not attempting to negotiate and 90% of women buyers offering no more than 10% under the property’s asking price in an attempt to secure it.

Can There Be Compromises Between What Men And Women Want?

While it appears that women and men have their own priorities when it comes to purchasing a new home, their goal remains the same – to purchase a property that’s fit to live in, close enough to their workplaces to commute, in a decent neighbourhood, and with good schools nearby.

Yet, while these aspects of purchasing a home are deemed to be non-negotiable, it appears that compromises may be made concerning location, outside space, and the property’s overall state of repair.

What's most important to you when viewing and offering on a property?

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