At Quealy & Co we often get asked this question. And we can categorically say no, don’t take your house off the market just because it is December!

Now is an ideal time to have your property listed for sale, and you really ought to be instructing a pro-active estate agency just like Quealy & Co to get things moving.

We think now is a great time, and here are our five reasons why…

It’s quieter – but people are looking

This time of year, when the ground is frosty, and the air is crisp, it’s undoubtedly a quieter time for the property market. There are other things on many people’s minds, such as buying presents, getting the house dressed for the Christmas festivities, or looking forward to spending time with close family.

But people are also still looking for the right house to move to. Website traffic shoots up over Winter. Think about it – people are at home more, particularly this year, and they have a bit more time to browse properties. Some might just be being nosey, but many will be people looking to move.

New house builders and property portals like Rightmove report high traffic levels during December, even on Christmas Day afternoon and Boxing Day. Perhaps people have eaten or drunk a little too much and just want to chill. So what do they do? Look at properties they could be moving into!

Quealy Tip: Choose an estate agent who understands the importance of marketing on the internet, particularly during the winter months. If you’re struggling to think of one – it’s us!

Winter can be Welcoming …

Picture the scene. A warm house, a fire lit, the smells of gingerbread and spiced teas permeating through the house. Decorations are up, family pictures with smiling faces are displayed. What a lovely setting and how warm a feeling will a potential buyer get when they step into your home?

You’ll want them to fall in love with your home, just as you did when you made the decision to purchase, and you want them to picture themselves living there in the coming years. 

Quealy Tip: Set the scene. Fragranced candles or air fresheners help to create a lovely atmosphere. Perhaps you can create a small display of winter twigs with a splash of colour from holly berries.

But…Don’t Make too Much of a Scene

You want your home to be welcoming and seasonal too. What you don’t want though is a mess of blingy decorations inside or out. You want people to see the house and imagine being there. Keep it classy!

Quealy Tip: Decorate but do not go overboard. You want to create an impression, and a stylish setting will work best with a two-colour theme throughout.

Plan for the New Year and Beat the Rush

While it is often quieter over Winter, many people see New Year as the time when they will buy somewhere new to live. A New Year, new house, new chapter in their lives.

What better time then to market your house. If others are deciding to wait before selling, you have the opportunity to stand out in the market and be noticed. Moving home does take time, but if you’re able to get ahead of the game, you’re winning.

Quealy Tip: It’s all about planning. Do your research so that when an offer does come, you’re ready to get the process moving. Choose a conveyancer, sort finances, get recommendations for a removals company, think about packing and consider whether you will need to downsize your belongings.

Time to Get Your Own House in Order

In Winter, you’re more likely to spend time at home. During this period you could be preparing your house for sale by tidying up the garden, doing the DIY jobs you’ve been putting off, cleaning windows, and clearing gutters. When you’ve done this, your house will be sparklingly clean and ready to present. By putting it on the market, you’re giving yourself a deadline and a purpose to get things done. And, as we said earlier, you can take advantage of those potential buyers who are spending Winter looking for their new home.

Quealy Tip: Write yourself a list of things to do around your home. Then make your home beautiful and ready to sell.

If you’re thinking of putting your Kent house on the market, please get in touch with us, and we can explain the next steps. Call us on 01795 429836 or email to chat with a member of our friendly and experienced team.  


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