DECEMBER 2023 QUAEALY DATALOFT how long do we stay in our homes

Quealy & Co, your expert estate agent head quartered in Sittingbourne, discovered the surprising truth about people's moving habits in the latest Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey. Did you know that while only 23% of home movers expect to move within the next six years, a staggering one third actually end up doing so? And for first-time buyers, 43% anticipate a stay of six years or less, but only 37% stick to this plan.

But that's not all - 31% of movers envision their new property as their 'forever home', yet only 28% end up staying for over 20 years. It seems our ideas of permanence can change over time.

Curious about the reasons behind these moves?

The survey reveals that downsizing is the primary motivation for selling a property (18%), followed closely by upsizing (16%) and a longing for a change of scenery or lifestyle (15%).

It's fascinating to see how our expectations and reality differ when it comes to moving and finding our dream homes. So, are you prepared for the unexpected twists and turns of your next move?

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Source: Dataloft, Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey 2023.


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